Your Action

The battle against Alzheimer's is an ongoing war. Our fight towards bringing awareness for "early cognitive assessment" is cost and manpower intensive initiative. We can use all the help we can get to reach more and more people in dire need of our services and bring respite to many individuals and families. You can make a difference by joining our cause. You can help us by joining as a volunteer or contributing financially or by simply referring our services to those in need. You can also download our brochure and print it out and distribute in your neighborhoods.


Your donations will help us extend our helping hand to more people and provide support for those who are at higher risk of being affected by dementia. We are a non-profit organization and all donations are exempt from taxes.


We are in constant need for cognitive assessment administrators. You can be a great help in field work and administering cognitive assessments if you have a background in Psychology, Social Work, Occupational Therapy or Gerontology. Please email us your resume and contact information, and your availability over the next three months. We greatly value and appreciate your participation.


If you or anyone in your family or acquaintances, who are above the age of 50 and feel the need for an early cognitive assessment, please write to us with your contact information.

Spread the Word

Help us by spreading the word. Let your friends know about us, like us on facebook, tweet about us or email this page to friends. You can make a difference by printing our brochure and distributing amongst older adults in your community. Please click on the link to download our brochure.