Our Fight

Mind LA's fight is against the 'unawareness of early cognitive assessment'. More than half of the 5.4 million Americans affected with Alzheimer's are not aware they have the disease. Almost 800,000 people affected with Alzheimer's are living alone. Many are unaware of their illness. They are deprived of caregiving and medical assistance. Mind LA is dedicated to disrupt this cycle of unawareness by providing free access to early cognitive assessment to anyone over the age of 50. Take The First Step towards early Cognitive Assessment.

Who We Are?

Mind LA is a nonprofit based in Los Angeles, California, committed to bridge the need gap of 'awareness' of 'early cognitive assessment' and provide free access to cognitive assessments and assistance to the underserved elderly communities of Los Angeles. Mind LA's fight is against this prevalence of 'unawareness' amongst the demographically high risk individuals. In order to do so, Mind LA has built a strong base of trained volunteers to administer tests, under the supervision of our team of cognitive and neuroscientists and is in the process of building a pipeline of available resources for those who are in immediate need of urgent medical interventions. Mind LA acts as an enabler to take the first step towards taking one's mental health seriously and is dedicated to provide easy and free access to cognitive assessment to anyone over the age of 50.  

Mission: To disrupt the exponential growth of Alzheimer’s amongst LA’s elderly communities by facilitating free and easy access to early cognitive assessments and to help the high risk individuals through our Triangle of Hope.  

Vision: To emerge as a significant resource for early cognitive impairment assessment for high risk elderly communities of LA and to act as an enabler for them to take advantage of early medical intervention, social services, planning and caregiving. 

What We Do?

1. Take The First Step deals with Alzheimer’s as an out-of-size health issue. Ubiquitous unawareness in older adults about the benefit of early cognitive assessment deprive many of timely assistance and caregiving. Los Angeles has the highest elderly population in the country. Los Angeles also has the highest concentration of underserved and economically backward communities. Los Angeles is the poorest big city in the Unites States. In certain areas, there are less than 50 physicians per 100,000 people. Because of these harsh realities of Los Angeles, the city will witness some of the most dramatic growth in the number of individuals and families needing services and supports to deal with the realities of Alzheimer's disease. The aim of project 'Take The First Step ' is to reach the underserved elderly communities of Los Angeles and build awareness and access to early cognitive assessment in an attempt to disrupt the exponential growth of Alzheimer's and other dementia disease in the city. Take The First Step provides free access to early assessment to anyone over the age of 50.

2. Art and Anguish - This yet to be launched ambitious project is designed to build a platform to capture through art, music, films, photography and literature the extraordinary suffering of ordinary people affected by mental health diseases, and advocate the benefit of early cognitive assessment in all adults - especially older adults. Mind LA would be working its donor base, artists, photographers, filmmakers and musicians to create the platform of expression of those suffering from mental health diseases. 

The Triangle of Hope


Mind LA is committed to help people over 50 to take the first step towards mental health assessment. Mind LA has a network of trained volunteers who administer the tests fee of charge. We have cognitive scientists and neurologists on board who make an expert assessment from the test results and determine the risk factors for any imminent or future mental health impairment in these people.


Mind LA has partnered with a number of resources, ranging from low cost to free of cost, to help those who are assessed to be in imminent need of medical intervention. Once someone is assessed to be at a higher risk of cognitive decline, he or she is then advised to take advantage of these resources for further assistance. An early assessment enables these people to get the help they need in time and plan for future.


Mind LA is committed to judicious advocacy regarding the importance of early cognitive impairment assessment - to fight the Alzheimer’s epidemic in California and in the US. Timely and early assessment can help alleviate the debilitating fear of the Alzheimer’s epidemic which has gripped the middle aged and older Americans. Mind LA intends to practice this advocacy through dedicated campaigns to spread the awareness regarding advantage of early assessment.